Search help on AlfaSeek.com

Here are some tips to help ensure that you get the best search results:
  1. Use precise search words. The more descriptive your search words are, the better your search results will be. For example, when searching for information about Ford Mustang cars, enter the search term "Ford Mustang", rather than "Ford" or "Mustang".

  2. Check your spelling. Search engines can resolve many misspellings, but if your results are not what you are looking for, a typo might be the cause.

  3. Avoid common words. Commonly used words, such as "a", it", "and", "the", "by", "at", and "of", do not help to produce more accurate search results. Accordingly, you do not need to use these words.

  4. Capitalization and punctuation are not necessary. For example, when searching for information about New York's subway system, just enter "new york subway".

  5. Word order does not matter. For example, searching for "California red wine" and "wine california red" will produce the same results.

  6. Leaving a space between words is important. If you are unsure if there is a space between the words, try your search both ways.

  7. It is not necessary to use Boolean terms, such as "and", "or", and "not".

  8. It is not necessary to phrase your search in the form of a question. For example, you do not need to enter "Where can I find information about tourism in Hawaii?". Instead, just enter "Hawaii tourism".

  9. Be as specific as you can. However, if you get few or no results, try making your search more general. For example, instead of using specific product names, try using the name of the product category and see if you get more results.

  10. Try using synonyms. If the search term you entered produces few results, try using a synonym or more common term that means the same. For example, instead of searching for "television programs", try the more common expression "tv shows".

  11. Remember, AlfaSeek's "1-Page MultiSearch" is a great way to refine your search request and get more accurate search results!


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